Import Stats

Here you can download and import the weekly stats in one easy step. Clicking the Import button will bring up our small FTP client program.

The instructions listed are pretty self explainitory. All you need to do is select a server (Either or and click Connect. The program will connect to the website and show you a list of files there. The stats files will be named Week01.00, Week02.00 etc. Select the one you want to import and click Get/Import and it will download and import the file.

If you would like to download the stats manually from the web site, you can do that also. Use your web browser to come to the site and click on Stats. We generally put the files on the web site in .zip and native (.00) format. If you would like to download the zip files, you'll have to unzip them, and then come back to the download client and click Exit - when you click exit it will bring up a file selection box, that allows you to select the file to import.

There is no problem with importing stats that are already in MrCFB - it won't have any effect on other weeks or lines that are already there.

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