Enter Lines

This is were you enter the lines each week. The only thing that tends to confuse people is how the line should be entered.

The line in MrCFB reads straight across Home Team how many points they are favored by (or underdoged) the Over / Under (or total) and Away Team.

Therefor, if the home team is favored the line will be negative since they will be giving points, if they are underdogs then the line will be positive since they are getting points.

So if Denver is home against the Jets the Line would read

BRONCOS -50 (or whatever) JETS

If the Jets were Home it would be


Here is how it looks in MrCFB

In this example the Chiefs and Cowboys are homeagainst the Seahawks and Falcons, so naturally they have to Give points to make this a fair contest. Therefor, the line is negative.

The other value in this screen is for the Over / Under (OU) or totals line. If you don't already know, this a standard Las Vegas line in which you bet if the total points scored in the game is going to be higher (over) or lower than the number they post. MrCFB can just as easily be used for this kind of prediction if this is your proffered wager.

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