Power Ratings

The power ratings screen shows Power Ratings and Strength of Schedule for each team (again, based on the database you choose for the formula). Click the column buttons along the top tell MrCFB how you want to to rank the teams. The column names represent (in order) Team Name, Offensive Power Rating, Defensive Power Rating, Total Power Rating, Offensive Strength of Schedule, Defensive Strength of Schedule and Total Strength of Schedule.

If you click a team name, it will graph the team power rating.

Along the bottom will be the list of teams it has played, and the power rating will be shown relative to zero (as opposed to 100 being average in the grid). The average points for and against will be shown on the right in parenthasis.

Note: This average is for what is being shown in the graph, and will not match the average points shown in the stats screen unless you have the database set to season to date.

For information on how MrCFB comes up with these power ratings as strength of schedules click here.

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