Predict Games

Here is where MrCFB makes its predictions on upcoming games.

You will see (from left to right) - the visiting team, MrCFB Predicted score for them (based on the formula), the home team, their predicted score, the line (again as it pertains to the home team), the Over / Under (or Total) . If the game is a pick you will see the team name or the word over / under and if the game has been played already you'll see the final score, and (assuming it was a "play") the word Win or Loss as it pertains to MrCFB's pick.

If you go to the top of the screen the five buttons are:

Smart Predict: This will tell MrCFB to take each game listed and create a formula just for those two teams and then predict the game based on that formula. Please be patient as it can take some time to run.

Pool Picks: MrCFB will pick all 15 games based on your formula and put them in order of best to worst (1 to 15)

Other Factors: This tells MrCFB to use the point values you entered in the Other Factors screen in these predictions. In the final version your preference will be saved so you don't have to click it each time you enter the screen.

Over / Under : MrCFB will give you its picks on the Over / Unders, again based on your formula.

Web Information: You will need a connection to the internet to use this one. We will be posting information and picks online which can be accesses directly through MrCFB - we will also post information on any updates or fixes here.

You can also, while your here, click to the formula tab on the top of the screen and see how changes in your formula affect the predicted scores / picks etc.

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