Smart Predict

This will hopefully be a great addition for everyone. It's really designed for the person that doesn't have time to optimize formulas and just wants some quick predictions. In the past they usually relied on the default formulas, and probably did fairly well. This should help them do much better.

It's located in the Predict screen and what it will do is quickly optimize a formula for each game of the week and use that to predict that particular game. If you would like to save the formulas it produces, you can use the Smart predict menu item to check "Save Formulas". It will save them as WXXYYYZZZ.fla where XX is the week, YYY is the first three characters of the Away teams name , and ZZZ is the first three characters of the Home teams name.

We don't recommend dropping everything and just using this, but use it in addition to what you currently do. Just like you probable look at the included formulas predictions, use this the same way. If it's hot, go with it.

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