This shows you where the teams are in their respective divisions. Next to each team you will see their W-L-T record (without the line), their W-L record Against The Spread (with the line), their Points For and Points Against. The buttons on top allow you to view each of these categories for whatever situation you are interested in - Home games/ Away Games / Home games where they were favored / All games in which they were underdogs etc.

If you would like to see how a team did in each of its games in the selected database or view their upcoming schedule click on the team name. and you'll see something similar to this.

This shows you all games (completed or not), as well as the line and Over / Under for the game, if the team won or lost against the spread,and how the team did straight up.

You can also get a graph of how the team did week to week by clicking on either the PF or PA column next to the name of the team you are interested in. So if you clicked on the PA column next to Miami you would see something similar to this

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